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Syntax: ‘sin-,taks

March 5, 2010 – June 5, 2010(This exhibition has passed.)

This exhibition features contemporary artists who employ writing in the creation of images. From their use of the graphic quality of individual letters, to Arabic calligraphy, to words that possess meanings, these artists all create works that pull the viewer into a dialogue. The addition of writing adds an interesting layer to image making that challenges the viewer to interpret these visual cues.

From ancient times through today, writing has appeared within artwork but for very different reasons. Its early appearance centered on relaying a narrative associated with the image. However, the twentieth century saw the rise of writing as an integrated design element with Dadaist and Surrealist artists like Hannah Hoch and Kurt Schwitters. Recent artists like Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger have used the written element as components of design and conveyers of meaning. The artists selected for this exhibition represent a range of approaches that call upon us to bring an investigative approach to the use of letters, characters, calligraphy, words, and texts.

Featured of artists of Syntax: ‘sin-,taks include: Nihad DukhanDanny Hughes, and Eric Mack, and Merrill Shatzman.

Syntax: ‘sin-,taks