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/ Exhibitions / Reassembling from the Heavy Metal Series: Nancy Brittelle

Reassembling from the Heavy Metal Series: Nancy Brittelle

July 3, 2015 – September 26, 2015(This exhibition has passed.)

“I have increasingly found myself drawn to images which so fascinated me as a child before the influences of others began to affect my way of seeing the world. I can recall playing with cardboard and other types of papers to create interior worlds for my dolls and their accessories. Reconnecting with these early discoveries has led me in a new direction, one tending toward the sculptural rather than the two-dimensional, and one in which I can use recycled and water-based materials to create art. For me as an artist, it is an endlessly fascinating adventure to take ordinary materials and transform them into something resembling ancient forms made of precious metals looking centuries old but shaped within a modern context.”

– Nancy Brittelle

Reassembling from the Heavy Metal Series: Nancy Brittelle

About the artist

Nancy Brittelle was born in 1949 in Bayshore, NY, and grew up in central New Jersey. She began painting in 1995 and within a year was asked to begin showing in galleries. After 10 years as a realistic painter, her work began to increasingly feature abstract, expressionistic forms and subject matter. While driving one afternoon, she spotted a cardboard box lying beside the road which was becoming disfigured in the rain, and was struck by its beauty. Upon returning home, she retrieved a box from her garage, set it out on the deck in the rain and replicated the process. After bringing the box back into her studio and reconfiguring it, she then glued it together and painted it with acrylic paint. This process of reformed deconstruction is now a primary feature in her work, taking the form of both wall and free-standing sculptures.

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