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Gillian Christy

May 1, 2009 – August 29, 2009(This exhibition has passed.)

Christy graduated in May 2002 from the University of Northern Iowa. Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she quickly set her sights toward the East Coast. Upon arriving in Providence, Rhode Island, Christy exhibited her public art in Convergence 2003, and then created three-dimensional commercial graphics for the NFL on CBS as well as pieces for The Apprentice, Gravity Games and HBO.

Christy has work in numerous outdoor collections and continually exhibits interior sculptural pieces in museums and galleries. In her sculpture she focuses on ideas and related images of home. Christy states, “Sculpting the surrounding environment is important to my work as I notice the diversity of urban and rural landscapes. Images of home first appeared in my early work in which I was taken by the architecture of mid-western Iowa. Presently, I am living in an urban neighborhood filled with architecture and industrial elements such as mills, vents, and rooftops that are new and different.” By combining these forms in her sculpture she continues to find new and refreshing images of home, incorporating details into her work that tell a highly illustrative story.

Gillian Christy

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