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/ Exhibitions / An Appalachian Vision: The Plemmons Student Union Appalachian Artists Collection

An Appalachian Vision: The Plemmons Student Union Appalachian Artists Collection

June 14, 2011 – August 13, 2011(This exhibition has passed.)

Student Curators: Beatrice Schmider & Sarah Young

The Plemmons Student Union (PSU) Art Collections present a wide range of art acquired over the past twenty-two years. The art collections consist of four collections: The Appalachian Artists Collection, Leigh Lane Edwards Collection, Michael Siede  Photography Collection, and the Plemmons Student Union  Permanent Collection.

The work featured in this exhibition are from the Appalachian Artists Collection (AAC). An Appalachian Vision is an exemplary representation of works created by Appalachian State University students and faculty. This long history of collecting began in 1987, when Dave Robertson, Director of Student Programs, set aside funds from the union’s semi-annual poster sale to begin purchasing artwork for the student union. Today, the commission from this fundraiser allow for yearly acquisitions and the continued maintenance of the collections.

The AAC Collection began as a means to enrich the environment within the Student Union while simultaneously supporting students studying the arts at Appalachian. This symbiotic relationship between the student union and our student artists continues to be a primary goal. The exceptional work, featured in this exhibition, includes a wide variety of media and techniques.

Artists featured in this exhibition include: Tristen Rebecca Agnello ‘08, Kimberly Anderson ‘05, Tracey Avant, Nicola Mousa Bajalia III ‘10, Brian Bean ‘01, James D. Brooks ‘97, Carrie Campbell ‘94, Ainhoa Canup ‘01, Holley Rae Compton ‘07, Brian Crowder ‘03, Jonathon Crumpler ‘97, Victoria Cumbee ‘94, Chris Ellenbogen ‘09, Lindsey Elsey ‘10, Rebecca Farris  ’09, Elizabeth Fleri ‘95, Nathan Franke ‘06, Carlee Freeman ‘03, Lynn Froelich ‘98, Renne Gambill ‘98, Chris Gammon,  Lauren Goding ‘10, Stacy Gray ‘94, Nate Grubbs ‘03, Anida Gurlit, George K. Helms ‘08, Rachael Huddlestone-Whitmire  ’97, Brandon James ‘00, Jaime Johnson ‘10, Josh Johnson, Liz Kohler ‘09, M. C. Kostis, Heather Langston ‘07, Nancy Lewis ‘97, Allison  Jae McDonald ‘11, Kelsey Melville ‘10, Gary Nemcosky, Tamra Nesbitt ‘89, Jacqueline Ng ‘98, Rachel Pardo ‘03, Gwyn  Pevonka ‘11, Tiwana Phipps ‘09, Nathan Sander ‘04, Allison Nicole Schumacher ‘06, Darren Sheely ‘01, J. R. Shutts, Charlie Slack ‘06, Aaron Smith ‘06, Eric Smith ‘05, Gregory L. Smith ‘92, Leslie Snipes ‘97, Erin Souther ‘08, Martin Stamat ’11, Taylor Staton, Julie Thacker ‘00, Troy Tuttle ‘07, Ben Wesemann ‘09, & Dianne Ziegler ’09.

An Appalachian Vision: The Plemmons Student Union Appalachian Artists Collection