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/ Exhibitions / 28th Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition

28th Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition

June 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015(This exhibition has passed.)

Outdoor campus

Juror: Wayne Trapp
Curator: Hank T. Foreman

It was an honor and a pleasure to juror the 28th annual Rosen. I love the process as a juror of going through images of many artists. It always astounds me, the wide range of images that the artistic mind can conjure up. I feel that the entries for the Rosen exhibit were by and large of a scale which I consider to be examples of public art. The way they were placed on campus by the Turchin staff enhanced all of these sculptures. I hope the people over this coming year will enjoy the presence of this art and I hope it will inspire younger people to pursue sculpture.

– Wayne Trapp
Sculptor and painter

Justin Dearduff, Prairie Ray. 28th / 2014 Rosen Sculpture Competition Winner.

Justin Dearduff, Prairie Ray. 28th / 2014 Rosen Sculpture Competition Winner.


Prairie Ray

Justin Dearduff
Dells Rapids, South Dakota

Galvanized steel
4′ x 4′ x 15′

Prairie Ray: Justin Dearduff

Artist statement

Growing up in land locked South Dakota, I have been fascinated by sharks and rays as long as I can remember. I had the chance while vacationing in Key West and Monterey to get up close to some and watching them fly through the water and the graceful movements of the rays inspired this work. When you look up at the sculpture I wanted to evoke the feeling of flying through the depths of the sea.

– Justin Dearduff

Einstein Sundial

Mary Ruden & Robert Benfield
Seymour, Tennessee

Stainless steel, aluminum: painted and hand engraved
9’5”high x 76” wide x 42” deep

Einstein Sundial: Mary Ruden & Robert Benfield

Artist statement

The Einstein Sundial we created shows the Photoelectric Effect Law, a Nobel Prize winning breakthrough for Albert Einstein’s work with light as a quantum package of energy or photons. It consists of a portrait of Einstein hand engraved into aluminum metal, and visual elements representing his discovery. The rainbow colors painted in the sculpture represent light spread into a spectrum of frequencies. We feel this piece offers educational value and is a point of interest to viewers as they may observe it as it marks time. In order to tell solar time, it should be facing due south and at a latitude common to North Carolina or Tennessee.

– Mary Ruden & Robert Benfield

Formal-ly #1

Joseph Bigley
Boone, North Carolina

Cast bronze, steel, brass
78” x 27” x 12”

Formal-ly #1: Joseph Bigley

Artist statement

Eluding a sense of movement and rejuvenation, organic elements sprout from geometric forms referencing the resiliency of nature.

– Joseph Bigley

Iris Revisited

Glenn Zweygardt
Alfred Station, New York

Granite, marble, Georgian marble
7’-2”H x 5’-6”W x 1’-4”D

Iris Revisited: Glenn Zweygardt

About the artist

Born and raised in northwest Kansas, Glenn Zweygardt received his BFA from Wichita State University in sculpture and painting. He then earned his MFA from the Rinehart School of Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of
Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

For over 40 years, Glenn has been an active sculptor and educator. With more than 50 solo exhibitions and multiple purchase awards to his name, he shows works both nationally and internationally. His sculptures are included in many university, museum, outdoor and private collections.

Now an emeritus Professor of Sculpture at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Glenn continues to make signature sculptures in his Alfred Station studio. His creations of steel, ductile iron, stainless steel, cast glass, cast bronze and aluminum are often combined with stone from around the world. These sculptures range from monumental outdoor works to small, intimate pieces.

For more information, visit

Keeping Venice Afloat

Davis Whitfield

Painted steel, stainless steel
7’H x 3’W x 2’D

Keeping Venice Afloat: Davis Whitfield

About the artist

Monument to Nowhere

David Jones

Steel, cast iron, paint
12’ H x 6’ W x 3’ D

Monument to Nowhere: David Jones

Profiles #14

Robert Buganski

6 individually shaped 3/8″ aluminum plates mounted on a tripod aluminum pedestal
13.5’X 6.5’X 6.5’

Profiles #14: Robert Buganski

Tango Heart

Gwendolyn Kerney

Painted metal sculpture
82” H x 52”W x 18” D

Tango Heart: Gwendolyn Kerney

About the artist

The Shooting Star

Catherin Hoskinson
Brooklyn, New York

Cut aluminum with steel base

The Shooting Star: Catherin Hoskinson

About the artist

Cathrin Hoskinson received her MFA from Hunter College in New York and also studied at Concordia University in Montreal and SUNY Purchase. Originally a native of Vancouver, Canada, she now divides her time between the countryside of Accord, NY and Lower Manhattan. She worked for many years as a wax technician and mold maker at Argos Foundry in Brewster, where she was able to develop practical skills in metal work.Her sculpture, paintings and drawings have been exhibited in many locations around New York, including the Neuberger Museum, The Studio in Armonk, the Katonah Museum and the Drawing Center.

For more information, visit


Aaron Hussey

Stainless steel
8′ x 3’6″ x 3′

Turret: Aaron Hussey

About the artist

About the juror

Wayne Trapp, sculptor and painter, has worked with stone, steel, oils and ink for years. Creating lavish, outdoor sculptures, he is known for his colossal pieces for corporate and private clientele. Trapp takes what he cannot say in bronze and marble and delivers a feast of color and stroke to the eye in his paintings on canvas and handmade paper. With unbridled energy and insatiable passion for everything that crosses his path, Trapp forever seeks interchange, new ground and a good time.

About the curator

Hank Foreman serves as Assistant Vice Chancellor of Arts and Cultural Affairs as well as Director and Chief Curator of the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts for Appalachian State University. He obtained his M.A. in Art Education from Appalachian, having completed undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a concentration in Painting and Sculpture. His duties include the administrative responsibilities for An Appalachian Summer Festival, the Performing Arts Series, Farthing Auditorium and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. 

During his tenure at Appalachian State, Foreman has taken part in the organization of numerous exhibitions, including the associated lectures, symposia, and publications. He has worked closely with the university’s Department of Art, and a wide variety of other campus and community groups, to make gallery resources available to all. One of his earliest exhibitions at Appalachian, Views From Ground Level: Art and Ecology in the Late Nineties, brought internationally acclaimed artists, historians, and critics to the campus and received national attention.

Foreman is also an exhibiting studio artist, and participates in regional and national conferences as a presenter and panelist.