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/ Exhibitions / 18th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

18th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

March 5, 2021 – June 5, 2021(This exhibition has passed.)

ASU Outdoor Programs, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, and Virtual Blue Ridge present the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition and Exhibition. This competition is sponsored by the Mast General Store.

The competition provides both amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to showcase their interpretation of the unique character, people, places and pursuits that distinguish the Southern Appalachians. Categories for the competition include: Adventure, Blue Ridge Parkway, Culture, Our Ecological Footprint, Flora/Fauna, and Landscape. $4,000 in cash and prizes are made possible through the generous support of our valued supporters.

18th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

Participating artists

  • Mary Presson Roberts, Reedy River Falls Morning
  • Alicia Green, The Zionville Skateboard Queen
  • Andi Gelsthorpe, To Be 9 Years Old
  • Jason Frye, Under the Stars
  • John Rabb, Take Me Away
  • Lynn Willis, Linville Gorge Rock Climb
  • Lynn Willis, Almost Heaven West Virginia
  • Lynn Willis, Black Forest Trail, Rocky Knob
  • Lynn Willis, Buckeye Knob, V9 Boulder
  • Michael Kaal, Falling for Trout
  • Andi Gelsthorpe, MP 264.4
  • Andi Gelsthorpe, Sunset Bike Ride at the Viaduct
  • Gina Knox, Better Together
  • Lonnie Webster, Raven’s Rock, Serenade
  • Mark Hazelton, Doughton Gold
  • Sam Brown, Mindful Details of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Skip Sickler, Evening Show
  • Steven McBride, In Flight
  • Terri Campbell, Escape Route
  • Alicia Green, Carport Ollie
  • Houck Medford, How to Get to Merlefest
  • Michelle Harless, Widow’s Might
  • Mike Baker, End Times
  • Sam Brown, A Successful Firing Self Portrait
  • Scott Brown, Welcome to the Jungle Mr. Walking Stick
  • Steven Tweed, The Healing Promise
  • Jodie Castellani, The Graphite Reactor
  • Michael Kaal, Texico Spot
  • Sam Brown, Cherry on Top
  • Skip Sickler, Comet Neowise and Sugar Top
  • Chris Almerini, Roan Mountain Fantasy
  • Jason Lewis, The Challenge
  • Katie Richard, Foraging in Western North Carolina
  • Kevin Balling, Heron
  • Maggie Flanigan, Known Speciment
  • Michelle Harless, Playtime for the Trio
  • Mike Baker, Abandonded Home
  • Pam Conley, Floating
  • Pam Conley, Light in Darkness
  • Regina Shinall, Southern Stargazers
  • Steven Young, Mad Herd Bull
  • Chris Almerini, Polar Conditions at Grandfather
  • Chris Almerini, Sunset Layers in Fall
  • Gene Smith, Snowflake
  • Grayson Martin, Mistifying
  • Jason Lewis, Brilliant Rush
  • Jim Ruff, Moonwalk
  • Sam Brown, Moody Days on the Elk River
  • Skip Sickler, Sunset in Silence
  • Terri Campbel, In Darkness Comes Light