Video: Turchin 10 year anniversary

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Appalachian State University's Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, this video was created in may 2013 to commemorate Bob and Lillian Turchin, who helped the university realize the dream of sharing an active and engaging visual arts center with our students, faculty, staff and community.


Hank Foreman; Associate Vice Chancellor, Founding Director and Curator: It's important that Bob and Lillian have known, and that we've shared with them, just how important a legacy that they've established. A legacy that will go on for decades; that support our students, faculty and staff; but not only that, our community and beyond.

Joni Petschauer; Visionary Society Member, Art Advocate: Art gives us an opportunity to have a conversation without words. Take the time to look at something, whether it's beautiful or whether it's startling, and allow it to inform your thinking and inform your actions.

HF: Appalachian has a long history of understanding that the arts provide us ways to think about our world creatively, contextually about what's going on in our society at the time, and also historically. The opening of the Turchin Center on May 3rd, it was an emotional thing for the whole community to see this much space dedicated to the visual arts and promoting what's become an integral part of our community in the High Country.

JP: It brought tears to my eyes. I was so excited. It was one of those moments when an entire town and school recognized their capacity to create something that would be here after they're gone. I get chill bumps right now thinking about that day.

Peter Petschauer; Visionary Society Member, Art Advocate: One of the things that I thought of at that moment, all of the little controversies that we had leading up - the floor downstairs not being right and all of these different things - all of a sudden they're gone. All you see is the beautiful art on the walls and people enjoying the art. When you stand there and you see the art hanging finally on the walls, you say "My God, we did it." It's just great.

Janea Brown; Class of 2014: Some of the things that I love about the Turchin Center would be that it's free to all students and it's just a really cozy, funky, edgy atmosphere. It definitely has encouraged me to want to experience art in other cultures and experience art throughout the world. Now when I travel I don't think I'll find museums to be boring. I definitely enjoy it and that's thanks to the Turchin Center.

Rosanne Peacock; Appalachian State University: What this building has already brought to the northwest part of North Carolina and to Appalachian and the students, it has been overwhelming and just a huge success.

JP: It's also been a great place to bring students and have them discuss art and uncover their own sense about the art for the first time.

HF: Early on in the planning stages of the Center, Bob and Lillian were both on the committee and Bob was just relentless in how he looked at the project to make sure we did the best possible things we could, that we were good stewards of our resources, that the things we did made good economic sense as well as good aesthetic sense as well as good experience sense. He was extremely thoughtful about the whole process of developing and building something. Bob was always brought back to the Center by the students. The students and family, those are the things Bob really connected with well and he saw this Center as a way to impact both of those.

RP: Without Bob and Lillian, just think what we'd be missing. So, it is great to have them be part of the whole community. And that's who they are, they are a part. Wherever they go, wherever they are, they are a part of what's going on. They have already created the future for so many of us by thinking ahead and making this whole facility possible.

JP: I think everything that Bob Turchin has done has been to prove himself worthy of Lillian. He loves Lillian and loved her like no other and her love for art and her artistic flair was something that I believe he wanted to honor. And together they shaped an incredible legacy.

PP: Lillian was an artist and I think in many ways, as Joni says, Bob wanted to honor her. He wanted to create a place that would honor her devotion to her art.

JP: I remember being just thunderstruck by Lillian Turchin's beauty. She was, and has remained, a very beautiful woman. I think that that only enhances her work is that it comes out as beautifully as she is.

RP: You really want to just thank them from the bottom of your heart for such a generous and wonderful gift that they've given to each of us and we get to experience it. And it will be here forever and be history for so many students and for people to come. And we just say thank you for giving us the future.

JP: Well, Bob, you know, there are people in the world that I'm proud to have walked beside on a project. And you are one of those people I'm very proud to know. You pushed me, you scolded me and you taught me and that was incredibly important. And to Lillian, thank you so much for sharing yourself and sharing your optimism, sharing your beauty and sharing your work. It has improved my life and I'll never forget that. So thank you.

HF: Working with Bob made me more thoughtful of the holistic nature of everything that you do and thinking about it from a perspective which keeps the person you're really working towards providing a service for at the center of what you want to do. He was really great about that. Lillian brought to the table just this real unconditional love and support. And I think that's the thing that we all really felt from her is that she really wanted this to happen, she wanted it to be the right thing for the students, and she was thrilled and excited about it. So, Bob kind of kept our feet tied to the ground and Lillian gave us wings to soar.

Thank you.

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