Turchin Center Student Focus: Andrea Ingle Completes Internship

The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts is dedicated to student training and over the past eight years has offered a range of internship, independent study and volunteer opportunities for Appalachian State University students. These internships are tailored to the individual and offer hands-on experience in a professional and creative environment while meeting the needs of the center. 

Last week our intern, Andrea Ingle, completed her hours for the English 4900 course requirements for an internship in Writing and Editing for Appalachian State University. “The experience of interning at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts has been an exceptionally educational one. From this particular professional writing workplace, I have found that, while everyone is being hard-hit with budget cuts these days, the arts are hit even harder. Being able to write in order to help make their jobs easier and to facilitate growth within the Turchin Center was extremely rewarding and something that I will be looking to do wherever I go.”

This internship is a requirement for one of her degrees within the English Department. She is seeking a double degree in Art History and English with a concentration in Professional Writing and is expecting to graduate in May of 2012. Andrea completed a writing and editing internship with the Spartanburg Art Museum prior to seeking an internship with the Turchin Center. “With this internship, I didn’t get to write press releases like the ones that I did over the summer, but I felt like I was able to explore other areas and fields within the sphere of professional writing that I wasn’t able to before, like putting together materials for mass mailings, working with complicated computer programs, conducting research for the museum, etc. Rather, I was quite relieved that it wasn’t a twin to my last internship, otherwise I wouldn’t have learned new things.” Andrea worked with Brook Bower, Assistant Curator and Cassie McDowell, Visitor & Donor Services Director to complete the requirements of her internship.

The Turchin Center was able to give her a hands-on experience in an active and creative environment where she was provided multiple opportunities to learn and strengthen her skills in many areas of professional writing. Her main projects included: planning, gathering content and editing the Turchin Center’s weekly e-mail; maintenance of the center’s website; assisting with design work for gallery guides; learning and improving computer skills with multiple design and data management software; and researching, evaluating and navigating the uses of social media. “Getting the weekly e-mail up and running was very satisfying and industrious. It was a source of weekly gratification, being able gather together fun and useful information items from for the Turchin Center that was eventually going out to thousands of readers.”

During her time with the Turchin Center, Andrea thrived in her creative efforts and was a valuable member of the team. Andrea has provided a wonderful influence to the center and her contributions will continue to hold an impact in very productive and positives ways. The Turchin Center has enjoyed working with Andrea and her advisor, Dr. Pam Brewer who serves as the Director of the Internship Program in Writing and Editing in the Department of English.

Please visit the employment opportunities site to learn more about internship opportunities at the Turchin Center.

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