Curt Brill Joanne 179.07.05 Bronze maquette, Edition of 5, 2007. Image courtesy of the artist. Photographer: John Sartin.

At a Glance: Gestures of Curt Brill

The following information about this past Turchin Center exhibition is kept here for archival purposes only. This exhibition is not currently on display. View current and upcoming exhibitions.

Friday, August 10, 2012
Saturday, November 24, 2012
Mayer Gallery

Curt Brill was the winner of the Martin & Doris Rosen Award Winner during the 24th Rosen Sculpture Competition in 2010. He returns to Appalachian’s campus with a solo exhibition of new work. Curt’s work focuses on the search “for the hidden Human spirit. That small part that makes us each unique, yet finds us a common home.”

Born in 1952 in the Bronx, N.Y., Curt began his serious pursuit of an art career while attending Cornell University. It began with exhibitions at Cornell that showcased his drawings, ceramic work and silk screening. Even though drawing has been his first and enduring love, professionally he has been most noted for his 3 dimensional works. His ceramic pieces have been widely collected across the United States since the mid 1970’s. He began his career in bronze in 1980, with pieces that were a direct outgrowth of his history with clay. The work has always been sensual, a direct response to the feel of the materials he has chosen to use. Being a people watcher with a keen eye by nature, and having a potent sense of humor and an easy demeanor, it is easy to see how his personal style has evolved. Curt currently lives in Tucson, Ariz.

To view installation images of the project visit our Installation Album on Flickr.

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