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/ Events / Gallery Walk and ARTtalk with Artist Corinne Jones

Gallery Walk and ARTtalk with Artist Corinne Jones

A flowstone is created by mineral deposits laid down by water, slowly, quietly, in one place, over time. Flowstone grows approximately one inch every one hundred years. In one hundred years, how many societal changes have occurred in one place? Flowstones is a site-specific installation consisting of sound, sandbags, paintings, window works, and a text piece.

The exhibition is the debut of a new body of paintings which share the title Flowstones. Each painting is made of modular shapes that make up figurative units of measure. They are fragments of a larger puzzle. The surfaces are thickly layered and clouded by an ambiguous haze. Two window works Double Trap and Single Use II mirror each other and parallel the modular units in the paintings. The interlocking shapes form large mazes made of window film. The transparent material suggests that we look through the maze motifs and find alternate ways to solve problems.

Sunken Cities represent the common ground we share in the midst of climate reality. The piles of sandbags operate as seating areas for communication and contemplation. It is an area designated for reciprocity. Emanating from the stacked sandbags, a harmonic frequency, Τεκτονική Κατάβαση (Tectonic Katabasis) — composed and performed by sound artist Jessica Stathos — fills the gallery space. The sound invokes brainwave entrainment to promote both introspection and social connectivity.

The Untitled Text brings elements of the exhibition together with an overarching theme. Flowstone forms slowly and geological time is indifferent to our own. The comparison brings to mind the various hidden histories over hundreds of years in which this country has yet to reckon. Common ground is unequal when vulnerable communities are the first to be displaced. A radical look at our collective past and cooperative action today is essential to shaping our future.

About the artist

Corinne Jones (b.1972 Memphis, TN) has lived and worked in New York city since 1991. She earned an MFA from Columbia University in 2007 and a BFA from The School of Visual Arts in 1996. Jones has realized public art projects at Situations Gallery, New York; Elizabeth Street Garden, New York,; Madison Park, Memphis; and Huling Street, Memphis. She has exhibited solo and two-person shows at Situations Gallery, New York; Jackie Klempay, Brooklyn; Museum of America Books, Brooklyn; and Tops Gallery, Memphis. She has participated in various group shows including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Tate Modern; London,; and BWA Wroclaw Galleries of Contemporary Art, Warsaw. Her work is held in many private and public institutions including the permanent collections at the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design; Memphis Brooks Museum of Art; Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University; and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts; New York Presbyterian Hospital; and TD Bank. Jones has published several editions, Liam Gillick & Corinne Jones, (Brigade Commerz/Liam Gillick), 2010, Plain English, 2014, and Trends in Repurposed Abstraction which debuted at the MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair in 2015. Her artwork has received critical praise from The New Yorker, Art News, Art Slant, Artcore Journal, Ravelin, and The Brooklyn Rail. Jones is an adjunct Associate professor at both the Cooper Union and the Fashion Institute of Technology.